Works purchased by museums and public institutions | Extract
Art house Aarau
Museum of Art Winterthur
Presidential Department of the City of Zurich
City of Aarau
Neuhaus Collection, Salzburg, Austria
Graphics Collection of ETH Zurich (etchings) |
SIK ISEA Swiss Institute for Art Research |

Private collections
Works by Henrik Frei Larsson can be found internationally in private collections

Illustrations films / cinema | excerpt
From one that ran across the field | 1977, Director Markus Fischer | Illustration movie poster
Shields | 1979, Director Beat Kuert, film collective, Zurich AG | Illustration movie poster
Flight year | 1982, Director Markus Fischer, Film collective, Zurich AG | Illustration movie poster
Viamala | 1983, TV film co-production, DE / A / I | Illustrations for the film
Night of the fire | 1992, Director Markus Fischer, Warner Bros. | Illustration DVD Cover


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