"I am not a magician, but an observer. I see something in the real world and put it into a new context in the pictures. My way of representing wants to make the incomprehensible comprehensible and vice versa the comprehensible incomprehensible. I don't want to conjure up powers in order to gain strength and inspiration from them. Power belongs to the creator of all that I, in my attempt to comprehend, paint. I only distort the view and direct it to a possible meeting of 'opposites'. Perhaps these opposites are not so different from one another, but have the same origin within themselves."  Henrik Frei Larsson


Born in Gothenburg

1969 –1973

Apprenticeship as lighting draughtsman / lighting designer

1973 –1974

Preliminary course at the school of arts and crafts in Zurich

since 1976

Freelance artist and illustrator

1974 –1977

Drawing teacher class at the school of arts and crafts in Zurich


Diploma for the higher teaching profession in drawing at the School of Applied Arts in Zurich

1976 –1987

Partial workload at the Realgymnasium Rämibühl in Zurich

1987 – 2007

Lecturer for manual printing technology at the University of Art and Design, Zurich

1988 – 2007

Art teacher at the district school Unterkulm

1999 – 2000

Studio and artistic work in New York. In this period of time the 'black and white watercolour series' was created

since 2010 

Expert for final exams in visual design

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